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We welcome you to our new site, which we have created and been developing for your best information.

During the last 25 years we at IDA Control Automation Robotics have worked hard to explore new frontiers of Technological Innovation and Industrial Automation Applications. Following a time-consuming, investment and HR demanding procedure, the company is now proud to present a wide range of technologically advanced State-of-the-Art automatic Oxyfuel, Plasma and Laser metal cutting systems, tested in hard real-life factory floor conditions, thereby securing exceptional and industry proven profiling quality. Quality control is maintained at each stage of the Cutting process by innovative electronic devices and software programmes. We offer our customers accurate and cost effective cutting options over a wide range of material types, thicknesses and applications.

We are especially proud to present our Plasma and Laser Metal Cutting machines, products of a long research. Their CNC Automation, Electronics, Optics, Software, Cutting head as well as Mechanical parts are designed and manufactured by IDA Control Automation Robotics in cooperation with Pikis Laser Technologies. They make us part of a circle of surprisingly few companies worldwide holding the reins of both the Plasma and Laser Metal Cutting Technology, in command of the vertical Know-How for manufacturing every subsystem of their machines.

Our site could be a source of constant information with its Articles and Support advice; our FAQ pages will provide you with precious information when you consider investing in Hi-tech Plasma and Laser cutting machines or refurbishing, upgrading and retrofitting of your older equipment.

Laser Cutting Machines

Laser Cutting Machines

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Plasma Cutting Machines

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Oxyfuel/Plasma Cutting Machines

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