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• How do I learn to operate Pikis Laser Technologies (PLT) laser systems?

Operating our laser systems is a piece of cake! Highly automated functions through a state-of-the-art CNC make things easy and you can operate them even with very short relevant background.Turn-key installation of the machines at your premises is our responsibility and you can start production right away. We also offer Training Courses to our customers. These courses depend on the machine model and are of duration of few days. Once you have made up your mind on your specific needs, just give us a call!

• Do I need to polish the cut acrylic surfaces after the cutting procedure?

No, you don't need to polish the cutting edge. The processed surface of acrylic will be shined and smooth. Normally, our 100 Watt laser systems are able to cut acrylic sheets up to 15mm of thickness; 200 Watt systems are able to cut acrylic sheet up to 25 mm. 400 Watt laser systems can cut up to 40 mm width of acrylic sheet and, also, thin metal.

The table in our photo is made of acrylic sheet cut by laser and thermo-bent to its final form. Please notice the cut surface quality! (Artist: Scott Jarvie)

• What about cut quality and thickness of metals?

Laser cutting quality is a problem of the past, with nowadays already satisfactory solutions. Good fine adjustment configuration (a procedure we are responsible for) is a prerequisite. Normally, our 500W XL2030 model can cut sheets with thickness up to 4mm mild steel, 1.2mm inox and 1.2mm galvanised iron. Our 1000w FL model is designed to cut 8mm of mild steel, 3mm of inox, 2mm of aluminium and 3mm of galvanised iron. Machines of higher wattage in our FL series (1500/2500/3000W) can cut up to 12mm mild steel, 5mm inox, 4mm aluminium and 5mm galvanised steel (1500W model), and up to 20mm mild steel, 12mm inox, 8mm aluminium and 12mm galvanised iron.

• Are the Pikis Laser Technologies(PLT) Laser systems safe to operate?

Yes, our laser is safe to operate. You can work on our laser system with absolute safety. Our machines are equipped with so much automation that almost all operations can be controlled from a safe distance. There are some risks only if general precautions are not respected and safety measures are not taken: one must make sure, for example, that no inflammable or explosive materials are kept near the machine, that operators are not improperly dressed or fail to put on special safety boots, that proper hearing and vision protection is always used wherever it is recommended. All machines are followed by comprehensive and detailed Safety Instructions.

• What types of graphics should I use?

Pikis Laser Technologies(PLT) systems accept file formats in DXF/HPGL/SVG code files. The better graphics you use, the better result you get. Files created by AutoCAD and CorelDRAW are accepted by our software.

• What materials are suitable for our systems?

Acrylic, Wood, Plywood, Veneer, MDF board, Chipboard, Cardboard, Paper, Rubber, Vinyl, Foam, Nylon, Textile, Fabric, ABS, PP, Leather, other non-metal material on our small-medium working area systems.
Mild steel, inox, aluminium and galvanised steel of various thicknesses on our heavy-duty models.

• Training Costs?

Personnel training cost depends on many factors and is always included in your Order. For customers abroad it is subject to agreement, depending on distance, accommodation and time. If you wish us to offer your personnel training at your premises, please contact us.

• What about your Product Warranty?

We offer One or Two year (up to 2000 working hours) warranty for all of our standard systems, except for the consumable parts. The consumable parts include focus lenses, mirrors, bearings, pulleys, belts, fuses etc. as well as the various gases that may be needed to the cutting process.

• What additional equipments will the customer have to purchase for the Pikis Laser Technologies(PLT) system?

The Pikis Laser Technologies(PLT) machines are delivered in a turn-key condition. The "software" needed is Auto CAD, Win CAD or Corel-Draw to export DXF and SVG files. For more detailed specifications, please refer to our Products page.

• By which criteria can I choose a suitable laser system?

When deciding which system is suitable for you, there are mainly three questions to ask:

I. What is the maximum size of the piece you will be working with?
Determine the maximum piece size that makes up the majority of your work and match that to the model that most closely fits your needs. A larger work table allows more pieces to be cut in a single job.

II. Which material will you be working with?
Selecting the correct wattage depends on the material you will be using. While even low wattage lasers will engrave and cut most non-metal materials you will use, laser wattage and speed go hand-in-hand. Materials such as acrylic and laser cutable plastic can be engraved with relatively low power at high speeds. Other materials, like wood or rubber will work with lower wattage, but require higher power to run at high speeds.

III. How large do you expect your workload to be?
The choice of the right machine depends on your expected workload. “Time is Money” may be true, and faster cutting speeds produce higher profits in less time, but a more powerful machine costs more than one of less wattage; it will not be worth the additional cost in case there is no work to process. Therefore, if your projected workload is small, maximum cutting speed may be less important than table size. Also, while cutting, speed depends on the size of material and the thickness of it, as well as the kind and quality of the automation driving the machine (the importance of the latter is usually understated by manufacturers relying to automation outsourcing, because it is very complicated for them to understand).
Having answered all relative questions, please refer to the answer in the next question:

• What are the technical Characteristics of the cutting machines manufactured by Pikis Laser Technologies?

Technical Specifications of IDA Control's automation robotics Laser Cutting Machine models Series XL and FL

The technical characteristics of Pikis Laser Technologies Laser machines can be seen in the photo. Please notice that XL machines are produced with a generator power of 100W, 250W or 500W with Cutting Table dimensions 1500X2000 mm. Likewise, the Fl Series consists of machines with 500W, 1000W, 1500W, 2000W and 3000W power manufactured with a Cutting Table of 1500X3000 mm.
Please keep in mind that any special construction is also possible. Machines with power from 150 to 8000W and Cutting Tables from 1500X2000mm to 4000X32000mm.
For more information regarding our CNC Laser gantry machines please refer HERE.

• What is special about Pikis Laser Technologies (PLT) systems? Why should I prefer your machines against those of the competition?

Pikis Laser Technologies (PLT) products are famous for their robust and heavy-duty construction and their innovative built-in software solutions. Operation and maintenance is easy and low-cost. Everything in our machines, including software, programming and hardware is designed and produced at our premises. We do not need to rely on outsourcing, so we can offer the lowest possible prices.
On the other hand, having a vertical know-how of our products, we design and build everything to absolutely fit with any other part, ensuring subsystem to subsystem absolute compatibility. Hundreds of manufacturers rely on outsourcing on various subsystems which they assemble to produce their machines; this, however, does not always guarantee that one gets the best of each and every subsystem and this turns out to be at the expense of the machine’s final product quality. What’s more, we offer responsible factory support and the solution to any problem is just one phone-call away. All of our systems are equipped with seal-off CO2 laser from 100 to 3000 watts, working area from 1500x2000mm to 2000x4000mm. All systems are suitable for processing both non-metallic and metallic materials in different cutting, drilling, perforating and scribing applications.

Photo: Our State-of-the-Art FL-3015 Professional Laser Cutting machine model



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