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Press Release 30-04-2010

IDA CONTROL Automation Robotics –DELIGIANNIS A. &fil. (G.P.)
Two Advanced Technology Oxyfuel Cutting machines

IDA Control Automation Robotics announces that two new advanced technology Oxyfuel Cutting machines, one with six torches and a 3000X120000mm Cutting table and a second one with four torches and a cutting table of 3000X10000mm, have been successfully established at the premises of DELIGIANNIS A. &fil. (G.P.)

The machine is controlled by a Touch-Screen CNC EUROPATH V2.0, made by IDA Control especially for cutting machines. It is equipped with a most user-friendly CAM EUROPATH Auto-Nesting software, developed by IDA Control for automatic Cutting Machines. Besides Auto- and Manual Nesting, it features Auto Lead In / Lead Out, calculates and saves offcuts, prints reports, calculates the cost of work performed, exports cutting layouts to NC machines, introduces special automatic tools to cut intricate shapes and very narrow angles etc.


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