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  HiFocus 280i  

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HiFocus 280i

If cutting shops and users quite often have to change the cutting technology because of diverse material qualities, large thickness variations or different shapes of workpiece then the new Plasma Cutting Unit HiFocus 280i, will be the perfect solution.

HiFocus-Plasma is the synonym for the fulfilment of highest demands at the cutting of electrically conductive materials. The exceptional cutting quality of cutting surfaces is characterised by dross-free cutting edges, lowest straightness and inclination tolerances, lowest rawness and maximum precision.

These parameters in connection with an outstanding repeatability and productivity are justifying the world-wide reputation of the HiFocus Technology.

The cutting range of the new unit covers now the wide range of material thicknesses from 0.5 up to 70mm.

Unmatched flexibility with high precision plasma system HiFocus 280i for CNC guided cutting of all electrical conductive materials:
  • From 0.5 up to 70/80mm material thickness with HiFocus- respectively HiFocusPLUS -technology
  • recommended cutting range from 0.5 up to 50mm
  • thickness for piercing 35 mm
  • marking and cutting, also of coated materials with automatic gas console FlowControl
  • Higher cutting speeds more productivity
  • Longivity of consumables using YellowXLifeTM -technology
  • Feature Up- and Downslope at corner-/ start-/ stop-signal
  • HiFocusPLUS technology enables minimal angle deviation (DIN EN ISO 9013)
  • Ideal power sources for industrial applications, steel producer and steel service centers
  • Flexible adaptation to two or three-dimensional guiding systems, as there are robots, profile cutting machines or tube cutting machines

1. The first photo above is of the
HiFocus 280i system power source.
2. The fourth photo shows the technical characteristics of all three
HiFocus 280i/360i/440i
systems as well as the ones of the torches
PerCut 370.1M and PerCut 370.2M
Please enlarge the photos to see the details.

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Tech. specifications

The integrated Soft-Switch-Inverter Technique with its flexible adaptability of the process sequence to the cutting job is the basis for optimising the quality and the productivity:
  • Optimisation of the cutting process through fast and stepless adjustment of the cutting current, reduced lead-in runs and corner signals
  • Long consumable life due to microprocessor controlled cutting process
  • Best cutting results with advanced HiFocus torch technology (high focused plasma beam)
  • Possibility of Control for all cutting parameters by analogue and serial interfaces
  • Serial data transfer to computers for diagnosis



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