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  FC Series  

FC Series

FC Series come out with cutting dimensions of 2000 mm, 2500 mm, 3000 mm and 4000 mm cutting width and 4000 to 32000 mm cutting length. They come with just oxyfuel torches (up to six) or combined with one plasma torch. Maximum cutting thickness is 300 mm of mild steel.

We are proud to present the FC series: a large collection of heavy-duty CNC driven gantry machines with a capability for many torches (up to 6), plasma or/and oxy cut capabilities in the same machine. One can also use IDA CONTROL'S FC series machines for bevel cutting, drilling and marking, using optional equipment. FC series construction is sturdy, to ensure a long and productive life.

The machines are equipped with "EUROPATH" Auto Nesting CAM, one of the most evolved and cost-effective CAMs around, as a standard. This CAM was developed by IDA CONTROL'S research and in-house engineering team.

FC Series consists of some the most precise flame gantry machines in the market at the moment. It combines cutting accuracy with low acquisition cost.

This is achieved as the machines a)incorporate the latest developments in the control movement technology and b)are designed and produced by us.

FC Series changes completely cutting precision and pricing standards in the market. Customers who consider the purchase of cheap third country machines, with doubtful quality, can now invest in the FC series acquiring machines with cutting precision available only in equipment four or five times more expensive.

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