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  HiFocus 130 Plus  

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HiFocus 130 Plus

Cutting of electrically conductive materials from 0.5mm to 40mm

The production of smooth, square and dross-free cutting surfaces, which can be used for further operations without post-processing, is the basis of our philosophy regarding plasma cutting.
Nearly straight cuts at materials 0.5 to 32 (40)mm thick can be produced with the plasma cutting unit HiFocus 130. This is achieved by an increased constriction and stabilization of the plasma arc. The insulated swirl-gas nozzle, which is protecting the cutting nozzle against upcoming hot material and double arcing during piercing as well, ensures permanent cutting quality, high longivety of consumables, and therefore lowest operational costs.

HiFocusPLUS extends the range of application

The HiFocusPLUS technology is based on a computer-optimised development of plasma torch components and control sequences. The result is a laser-like cut quality with extremely low squareness tolerances acc. to DIN EN ISO 9013 for a very wide thickness range up to 32 (40)mm.
An up to 100 % higher cutting speed compared with conventional systems in connection with the increased longevity of the Yellow XLifeTM consumables pave the way for considerably minimized cutting costs for mild steels.

The outstanding features of the new HiFocusPLUS -technology are highest quality capabilities with a substantially improved productivity and cost reduction in an extended range of applications.

Especially for the HiFocus technology a new generation of plasma torches was developed, covering the growing demands on this technology. Increased arc constriction due to smaller nozzle orifices, intensified gas rotation and use of swirl gas are the main features of these torches. For the three-dimensional cutting particular 3D-consumables are available.

Modifications of the plasma torches PerCut 160 and PerCut 170 enlarge the range of application considerably. Therefore, torches with inclined torch heads (60° and 90°) and stronger lamping shafts will be offered for the robot aided cutting. They will be the best prerequisites for the cutting of three-dimensional parts.

To simplify the handling, the plasma torch PerCut 170 is provided with a quick-change head with bayonet lock.
Downtimes will be reduced by PerCut 170 quick-change head with bayonet lock.

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Tech. specifications

  • Plasma cutting with laser-like quality (HiFocus) between 0.5mm and 30 mm with HiFocusPLUS -technology for mild steel
  • Cutting of stainless steel (HiFinox-technology) from 1mm to 6mm and from 3mm to 40mm with technology HiFocus F
  • Cost saving alternative compared with laser cutting with less than a quarter of the investment and operating costs
  • CNC-controlled cutting with plasma machine torch and oxygen, nitrogen or argon/hydrogen as plasma gas
  • Low squareness and inclination tolerances of cut surfaces
  • Precise contour at sharp edges and narrow radii
  • Hole cutting of small diameters
  • HiFocus technology guarantees a high fitting accuracy
  • No or small dross formation depending on material
  • High longivety of consumables by dual-gas ignition and nozzle saving piercing with swirl-gas technology
  • CNC interface for all kind of 2D- and 3D- CNC-guided systems

Power source HiFocus 130 PLUS
  • Optimum process run by microprocessor control
  • Monitoring of process sequence (torch cooling, ignition time, pilot arc time, short circuit time during torch ignition, power source and so on)
  • Display of operating conditions, with malfunction indication and display
  • Extensive interface for adaptation to CNC control
  • Serial data transfer for PC diagnostics
  • Stepless current setting for HiFocus quality from 20 - 130A by switchable pilot current
  • Optimum piercing by stepless time delay for main arc and adjustable current rise within 4 steps
  • Adjustable down-slope at corner, start and end signals from the guiding system
  • Digital display of current and voltage
  • Automatic display of preset cutting current
Versatile torch technology: Plasma Torch PerCut 160/170
  • Plasma machine torch PerCut 160/170 with new beam generation system ensuring stable main arc
  • Water cooled consumables ensuring high longevity
  • Hose parcel extension providing a cutting range of up to 55m
  • Stepless gas control ensures optimum gas cutting parameters



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