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  PerCut 450M  

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PerCut 450M

The PerCut 450M HiFocus plasma torch, for use with Kjellberg plasma Sources helps to fulfill two key customer requests. Firstly, the new quick-change torch covers the entire cutting range from 5 Αmps to 440 Αmps with only one head. Secondly, the torch has a thin grip diametre of only 50.8 mm. This makes the PerCut 450M about 15% smaller than similar plasma torches in its performance class.

PerCut 450M HiFocus plasma torch provides a maximum cutting current of 440 A at 100% duty cycle and parts can be cut vertically, with a smooth surface and practically no follow-up work. It also makes piercing possible up to material thickness of 50 mm. Because of its consumables, angled sharply at 76° to 90°, it is very well suited for two-dimensional as well as bevel cutting and three-dimensional cuts. It is suitable for use with the HiFocus 280i, HiFocus 360i and HiFocus 440i plasma cutting sources. The advantages for the user are quite straightforward: Previously, two different heads were required – one for currents under 160 Αmps, and one for currents over 160 Αmps. Now the PerCut 450M only needs one head for the entire range.

The use of this plasma torch also results in a reduced reliance on special, custom torches. In the past, shorter or thinner customised torches were often needed to be designed and manufactured to meet special customer requirements. This is in most cases no longer necessary with the new PerCut 450M. The manufacturing time for customised parts is thus minimised and the turnaround time when ordering replacement or wearing parts is reduced.

New design!
Equipped with only one torch head, the new torch Percut 450M covers the entire power range from 5 Α to 440 A. It now covers a cutting range up to a maximum of 120 mm when cutting stainless steel.

In addition to dry cutting, the PerCut 450M can also be used for underwater cutting and is compatible with existing HiFocus units. It is ideally suited for 2D and 3D cutting tasks. The PerCut 450M provides also best quality when used for hole and bevel cutting.

The Percut 450M is equipped with a new but lower priced variety of consumables. These consumables and their increased lifetimes guarantee high cost savings. This is further supported by the efficient liquid cooling of the nozzle and swirl gas cap. The same consumables are used for cutting, marking and punching, i.e. downtimes because of the change of consumables can be omitted.
Please enlarge the photo to the right to see a comparison between the PerCut 450M HiFocus and a wider and bigger predecessor model.



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