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  Plasmagas FlowControl Series  

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Plasmagas FlowControl Series

To get high quality cuts, gas mixtures and flow rates have to be adapted carefully to the precise workpiece to be cut. Conventional gas mixing devices only keep the gas pressure constant and operate mainly with pre-mixed gases, preventing therefore the possibility of a job-related optimisation of the process. That makes it difficult to achieve a high cut quality.

The patented FlowControl Series by Kjellberg Finsterwalde enables an unique automatic and flow-controlled plasma gas supply. The data are stored in a data bank and are at any time reproducible.

This high-class technique stands for:

  • Customised, safely reproducible gas mixtures
  • Exact dosage of different gas amounts
  • Constant composition of gas parameters
  • Precise reproducibility by microprocessor control
  • Monitoring compensation of pressure fluctuations in the system
  • Use of customer specific cutting data and materials from the built-in data bank for use with different materials and thicknesses

The gas supply units of the FlowControl Series are suitable for all HiFocus installations, with the exception of HiFocus 80i. Also for marking operations an optimal gas supply is warranted. The gas consoles are controllable by a serial interface and can be upgraded on demand.

The PGC FlowControl administrates 16 internal data bases with up to 14.000 different cutting data sets, which include all the necessary parameters for any cutting process. The databases are characterised by the type of the power source, the gas console and the torch.

The FlowControl consists of Controler PGC and valve unit PGV, numbered 1-3 according to the model.

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First photo: FlowControlPGC 1 combined with PGV 1
Second photo: FlowControlPGC 2 combined with PGV 2
Third photo: FlowControlPGC 3 combined with PGV 3



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