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  PerCut 160/170  

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PerCut 160/170

The plasma torches PerCut 160/170 by Kjellberg Finsterwalde are designed for use with power sources HiFocus 80i, HiFocus 130 and HiFocus 160i by EN 60974-1. Only these Plasma torches and power sources are safety-related units in accordance with EN 60974-7!

The plasma machine torch consists of the torch head, the torch shaft, the hose set and the consumables.

The torch contains two plasma gas hoses and one swirl gas hose for the gas supply. The plasma torches are suitable for cutting with air, oxygen, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen and their mixtures as plasma gases. Swirl gases can be air, oxygen and nitrogen or their mixtures and forming gas.

The cutting current is transferred to the cathode by a flexible copper cable, which is inserted in the insulating coolant return hose. The pilot current is transferred to the nozzle via a separate pilot conduit.

The nozzle is fixed in the nozzle holder by a detachable nozzle cap. The coolant circulates between nozzle and nozzle cap, a special small cooling tube ensures an effective cooling of the cathode. This system ensures an efficient cooling of all thermally stressed torch parts.

Before using a plasma torch it is necessary to ensure that the torch is equipped with the suitable parts for the selected plasma gases and cutting procedure! After each consumable change, a gas purge (approx. 20s) is required to blow out all residual coolant which can damage the torch during the high-voltage ignition!
You are only allowed to use original Kjellberg spare parts and consumables! The use of non-genuine Kjellberg spare parts and consumables results in the invalidation of any warranty claims.



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