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PROfirst CAM

Nesting CAM system for CNC cutting profiling machines

PROfirst CAM programming system is designed to generate CNC programmes and control the complete cutting process for the following technologies: Laser, Gas, Plasma, Water-jet and Bevel Cutting.

In addition to the excellent automatic and manual nesting of parts, the excellent stock and material waste management reduces scrap to a very minimum. PROfirst calculation allows you to know the exact cost of a sheet metal part in less than a minute, including part drawing, nesting, and other production steps. This way we win more orders because our quotation gets there first and with more competitive prices based on precise material calculation.

PROfirst CAD drawing package is especially designed to satisfy the needs of sheet metal job shops; it saves time on every part that needs to be cut. Paper files such as DXF, DWG, GEO, JPG or PDFs are digialised and nested without any CAD drafting knowledge.

A typical example:
Select the parts to be cut. A file explorer shows the shape of the DXF or Autocad(c) DWG files to be linked into the database. The selected files are set as the current order using the “Quick order” button.
Multi format, multi-sheet nesting PROfirst automatically selects new sheets, cut sheets or remnants out of stock of the correct material and thickness, for the production order.
Remnants and cut sheets can be set to be used up before starting any new sheets.

Excellent results!
By enlarging the second photo above we are convinced that the automatic nesting really delivers nests of equal or even better quality than those you could have achieved per hand,
saving all that time consuming manual nesting.



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