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Our Projects  

IDA CONTROL's automation robotics Expansion to Russia

After all these years of hard toil during which our Know-How in the Cutting Machines sector has reached a level of well-deserved maturity, IDA Control Automation Robotics understands that the next evolutionary steps to be taken are to establish cutting machine manufacturing units into the vigorously developing countries. These steps are the only way to increase the numbers of machines sold, given the fact that we consider the manufacturer’s physical presence in the relevant market equally important as (not to say more than) his formal presence; this is the only way to assure the prospective customer that he will receive the best post-sale support possible.

The market in which IDA Control aims to expand is the one of East European countries through a plant to be established in Russia.

For further details, please refer to our relevant PDF file.

IDA CONTROL Research and Development Program

Your Needs of Tomorrow, our Research of Today!

Innovation has always been the key to our success!
Our Research Program includes innovative technical solutions to improve both the productivity and the power consumption of our machines.

We also work on automation related issues.



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