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About us  

About us

Our Vision

Industrial Design Applications Control automation robotics (IDA Control) was founded in 1985 by Mr. Panayiotis Pikis, Automation/Robotics Systems designer, and his father, Mark Pikis, who had already a long and successful career in Sales of mainframe computer systems for large corporations. The Company has been a member of the Union of Small Industry Manufacturers of Greece ever since.

The aim of the company, as set by its founders, was to promote Industrial Applications Research, including Automation and Robotics. Consequently, IDA Control automation robotics has always been, above all, an Industrial Automation & Robotics Research Company.

The founders aimed to design and develop innovative products with high added value, able to compete with European advanced technology products both on the price and the technological perfection levels, thus having good prospects for exports worldwide.

Following a time-consuming, investment demanding and tiring procedure the company is now proud to present a wide range of technologically advanced State-of-the-Art systems (Laser Metal Cutting machines included), which also have been tested in hard real-life factory floor conditions, as IDA Control is responsible for 60% of the Cutting Machine Sales in our country.

On the other hand IDA Control is successfully facing international competition of the highest level and proving its worth in the international arena, as we have always done in the last 25 years.

The Long Way to Technical Maturity

Talos CNC

The long road of this research which brought IDA Control so long away from the starting point commenced in 1985 with a CNC we named “Talos”, after the mythical humanoid guard of the Minoan Crete, a masterpiece by Hephaestus. “Talos“ was a modular programmable industrial computer, serving both the Greek and the International Markets; this processor featured 0.5-20MB memory, up to 256 digital outputs (On-Off type), 128 high-speed 45 KHz inputs (for monitoring switches, measurement oscillators, analogue sensors, motors, valves, etc.), computer communication systems for further data processing, and high-speed, high-level programming language.

Micro CNC OP-800

Some years later we developed the Micro-CNC technology with high-level language (One of our models, OP-800A in the photo to the left). We then had to face motion transmission, a problem which was solved through developing the very first Variable Voltage, Variable Frequency Inverters produced in our country. 

(Clicking on our Old_Projects PDF file  you can see one of our advertising leaflets issued in the end of the Eighties)

The first Greek positioning systems were our next step: 3-phase induction motors driven by the first European servo systems. As technology evolved, we had to address the problem of designing a new CNC based on PC technology, which was our next step. The way was open to the development of the first Greek Automatic Cutting machine (Plasma-Oxy) based on our newly designed CNCs, a step we took in 1999. In 2002 we presented the first Greek fully digitally controlled CNC for movement along 2-5 axes.

Time was mature for the appearance of the first Greek Laser source. By then we had seen the importance of contributing to the creation of a Greek automatic metal cutting market by transferring the relevant technology, supporting this way the collaboration between Greek manufacturers, a goal we worked vigourously to achieve.

Nevertheless, in house Laser technology development went on and, in 2007, we produced the first Greek Fast Axial Flow Laser which became the heart of our first Greek Laser Cutting machine; its CNC, Electronics, Optics, Software, Cutting Head as well as Mechanical parts were designed and manufactured by us. From then on we refine on the manufacturing of our Laser machines.

You name it, we’ve done it!

In the last 25 years IDA CONTROL's main research was aimed at the development of CNC driven Oxyfuel, Plasma and, Laser Cutting Systems. During this period, nevertheless, the company has been approached with demands for all kinds of automation solutions, each presenting a different challenge, all of which have been met with considerable success.

Such one-off Studies and Applications include: the development of a humanoid beverage serving Robot, Wind Generators, Pumping Stations, Lifts, Automatic Drill Presses, Automatic Single and Multi-head Sewing machines, Production Line Automated Controls, Scales/ Weighing machines, Kilns/Ovens, Rotary Presses, Dyeing machinery, Processing machinery, Confectionary machinery, Glassworks machinery, Silk Screening machinery, Plastics Manufacturing machines, Wire manufacturing and Packaging machinery, Biological Waste Treatment Plants, Car Washing facilities, Presses, Routers, Revolvers, Turning machines, Milling machines, CIM (Computer Integrated Manufacturing applications) and others.


IDA CONTROL constructs the first Greek laser cutting machine, a product of our own Research Department. Electronics, optics, software, cutting head as well as mechanical parts are manufactured in house.

FL-3015 Laser Cutting Machine (100/250/500 W)

IDA CONTROL develops and constructs the first Greek Fast Axial Flow Laser.
IDA CONTROL offers automatic cutting technology to other Greek companies, supporting the collaboration between Greek constructors.
IDA CONTROL designs and constructs of the first Greek Laser source, 300-2000W.
IDA CONTROL produces the state of the art CNC Controllers, types ID6230 and ID6440, with full digital control loop for 2-5 axes cutting machines.
Integrated production of the first Greek cutting machine series (Plasma - Oxy) with the following types: HD3015, HD4020, FC2000 and FC3000.
The first Greek cutting machine (Plasma - Oxy), based on in house developed CNC, was released.
The first Greek PC based CNC ID30 was launched.
The first Greek positioning digital systems SVF100, a Best Seller, was released. They were the first servo systems in Europe able to drive 3-phase induction motors.
We are proud to produce the first Greek VVVF (Frequency Inverters) with types SVF300-600-6004, 700W-45KW.
The first Greek MICRO CNC MC800 with high level language was born.
IDA CONTROL designs and produces the first Greek Industrial CNC type "TALOS", with hundreds of applications.


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