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Our Services

“Prior to the Sale you are a customer, after the Sale we should become co-operators”

IDA Control Automation Robotics offers its customers:

  • 1. Full turn-key installation of our machines,
  • 2. Personnel Training,
  • 3. Full Repair (Mechanics, Electronics, Software),
  • 4. Preventive Maintenance Programmes (PMProgrammes),
  • 5. Refurbishing, upgrading and retrofitting of older machines

1. Installation

We at IDA Control Automation Robotics offer full turn-key installation of our machines. Our technicians usually follow right after the machine has been transported, if this suits the buyer, otherwise the installation takes place at your convenience, or whenever the necessary for the machine infrastructure works are finished. Our Sales and Installation Departments are in contact with you to tailor an installation Programme which will meet your specific needs.

2. Training

All machines have their peculiarities. Built-in automations make operating them easier but some Instructions and Training are necessary, even to skilled operators. Equipped with some basic knowledge on the why’s and how’s of the machine, operators will rather spend their time on profitable cutting jobs than waste it replacing consumables damaged by their mistakes! Whether it is about your first machine, an upgrade of an old one or even a multiple machine installation, IDA Control Automation Robotics will tailor the best training programme to meet the needs of the people who will be in charge of your machine.

3. Repair

All machines, sooner or later, are bound to have some problem! IDA Control Automation Robotics can undertake the responsibility to fully repair your machines. We could even repair machinery manufactured and sold to you by others! We do it because we do not think that buying a machine from the wrong person or company must condemn the buyers to discontinuation of their production. Just give as a phone call or send us a mail to arrange for the details. As far as our own machinery is concerned, fully designed and vertically produced by us (in contrast to all assembly manufacturers), are easy to repair even by …phone! You implement some diagnostic procedures according to our guidelines, we understand what is wrong and, most of the times, repair is possible by yourselves following our instructions. If not, our technicians will visit you at your earliest convenience.

4. Preventive Maintenance Programmes

IDA CONTROL automation robotics: Our ServicesWe should not let our machine unattended until it fails. Cut quality characteristics may deteriorate while the machine is still functioning. We should make sure we keep our machines in top condition to enjoy top results! Each and every machine has its specific maintenance needs, well-known to us, and we could, provided you also agree, to schedule the necessary work taking into consideration your expected work load and other factors (environmental ones, for example); This way our technicians or our authorised service and repair technicians in your country will do their best for the machine to work immaculately.

Please notice that a well-maintained machine makes the best use of all consumables and prolongs their life; likewise, any machine damage is likely to be much lighter compared to one on an unattended machine. Our most important protection, though, is against any unscheduled interruption of our work flow and its disproportionately high cost.

More on this subject can be found in our relevant article:  Preventive Maintenance Programme (P.M.P.)

5. Refurbishing, upgrading and retrofitting your machines

IDA Control Automation Robotics makes sure you are provided with the right quality consumables for your machine. Quality consumables are somewhat more expensive than fake ones, but they live longer and ensure us of optimal production quality, that is they turn out more cost-effective in the long run.

You may also need to upgrade your machine by equipping it with more controls (electronic-software), more options for cutting technologies (for example, addition of a plasma torch onto an Oxyfuel cutting system) or even with sources of higher power. Most upgrade work should be possible on the spot, without any expensive transportation of the machine.





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