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Preventive Maintenance Programme (P.M.P.)

You should never allow your machines to be in a position to decide when to stop your Production.
You should be the only one to decide when your Production stops.

It is very common for metal cutting machine owners to try and make the highest profit possible at minimal expense. We wish them luck, but the truth is that these machines operate under harsh, aggravating conditions: heavy loads, accidental bumps, high temperatures, high accelerations and decelerations, particle contamination of lubricants or coolants, metal chip concentration, exhaust gases, dust, humidity, all add up to lower the functioning level of our machines by creating mechanical and chemical strain .

Additionally, these machines usually operate at the early stages of our chain of production and every machine failure at this stage has serious economical consequences for the business: The higher the payroll, the heavier the cost!

Even when the machines have been entrusted to operators who keep them meticulously clean and tidy, there are many invisible hidden corners where harmful elements could accumulate, unless the appropriate panels are removed by the servicing technicians.

These truths are (or should be) generally accepted; what does not generally receive the proper attention is the fact that unattended machines, even if they do not fail, until they do, produce poor cut quality results, inferior to what we, as well as our customers, expect.

CNC driven machines are subject to the same rules since, on top of everything else, they are also equipped with complex electronics.


What could possibly address these problems? IDA Control's 25-year long experience as machine builders has taught us that what is required is a major culture change for most businesses: a transition from Reactive Care to Proactive Care This is the only way to make sure our machines suffer less damages, have higher longevity and yield continuously optimal cut quality results. This is the only way to avoid being "Penny wise, pound foolish", paying for reactive care and collateral damages many times as much as the moneys required for proactive care.

IDA Control's Preventive Maintenance Programme (P.M.P.) is the solution.

Please contact us and ask for information on the terms of this advantageous type of cooperation.





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