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Plasma Sources  

Plasma cutting equipment for CNC controlled cutting with Air, Oxygen, Nitrogen or Argon/Hydrogen as plasma gases.

The series consists of Plasma cutting units, stepless adjustable or with inverter technology, for CNC control, with PLUS technology.

The HiFocus - technology is based on a computer-optimised development of plasma torch components and control sequences. The result is a laserlike cutting quality with extremely low squareness tolerances according to DIN EN ISO 9013 for a very wide thickness range up to 32mm (40mm).

A wide range of models is based on the HiFocus - technology, out of which four are presented below. Your machine, though, could be equipped with any Plasma source model to satisfy your cut quality needs.

In the same section we have included info on Plasma Torches and Plasma Cutting Control Devices for the best interest of our esteemed cooperators.




Plasma Torches

Control Devices



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